Luxury revolution - Fashion for babies

The new summer trends are popular among mothers who pay attention to the latest trends Is the time when the children wore clothes inherited from their elder brothers or relatives ended? Today, the big fashion houses focus on customers belonging to the lowest age group, with a turnover of about 3 billion euros only in 2017.

Kids fashion enlivens summer catwalks with 7-year-old models that parade with their parents, wearing clothes made of high quality materials: designers have understood that target customers have changed and that in order to increase their sales they have to invest in the sector dedicated to the youngest people. One example is the choice of Sergio Tacchini, famous for producing tennis clothes, has dedicated 20 million to launch a baby product line, supported by an important marketing policy.

Many operators have the intention to enter the sector: after Fendi’s new kids store, also Emilio Pucci has, and Fiat presented a capsule collection with the 500. In 2018 Roberto Cavalli will also be competing. According to Euromonitor data, the kids fashion has reached 22% of total turnover in 2016, outperforming men's clothing.

Junior fashion, that began from the need to keep children occupied during shopping hours, is becoming an opportunity to gain much more than the target strategy, pleasing demanding and pretentious mothers who dress their daughters in their image and likeness.

IThe sector is still developing, but the prospects for the future are prosperous, especially at an international level: the turnover of exports in 2016 exceeded one billion euros, up by + 4.4%, and there is a high demand from the Asian clientele, who is an important consumer, very attentive to the latest trends and it is also a growing demographic.
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