Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I rely on Valori Fiduciaria?
Valori guarantees a total interest independence and alignment with the interests of the clients. Investment decisions are made in an objective manner thanks to the access to the best investment banks in the world. The internal know how and that of the counterparts is optimized in order to use in the best way possible everyone’s competencies and abilities..
2What characterizes the methodology of investments of Valori Fiduciaria?
We distinguish ourselves for our independent and objective opinion. We solely choose investments that can give the most benefits and that best match the interests of the Client, independently from the current trends. .
3Does to turn to Valeur Fiduciaria involve an increase of the costs?
Negotiation with counterparties and the ability to obtain favorable prices for Clients normally means that the economic benefit generated is higher than our cost.
4How do you decide what investments to do?
Our asset allocation is tailored on the Client according to his needs and selecting those that we consider to be the best investment choices, shared in the Investment Committees, or selected by the most important research companies or banks.
5How do you limit the risks?
Through an ample diversification, we try to limit the risks of loss during the negative phases of the market while maintaining an objective of positive performance. By using sophisticated strategies, we set ourselves the task of softening market corrections.
6Who will safeguard my money?
The Client's money is safe in the depositary bank chosen by him.
7Can I change bank when I want?
In a constantly changing context, it is important that the Client can choose the counterparty bank that best suits his needs and that makes him feel safer.