Over the years Valori Asset Management has invested heavily in expertise of professionals to create value and develop skills for benefit of its clients and their needs. Thanks to this expertise Valori created in house many financial instruments, such as:

Pharus Global Flexible Bond

PHARUS GLOBAL FLEXIBLE BOND is a high diversified bond fund, and UCITS with daily liquidity. To reduce credit risk, the maximum percentage of portfolio invested in High Yield is 15%.
The fund is diversified both at global and sectoral level, in order to minimize volatility and take advantage of market correlation. Its flexible strategy, based on top-down and bottom-up investment choices, allows to generate excellent performance, focused on preservation of capital.

ISIN: LU0460960882

Multi Stars Al-F Dynamic

AL-FA DYNAMIC fund invests its assets without geographical or currency constraints. 25% of the fund is invested in fixed-income assets such as corporative bond , government bond, inflation-linked bond and monetary assets. 75 % of the fund is invested in shares, convertible bonds and/or Cocos. Thanks to its flexible strategy and both top-down and bottom-up approach , Al-fa Dynamic allows to generate a risk-based performance higher than that of the market.

ISIN: LU0809734113

Multi Stars Hearth Ethical Fund

Hearth Etical is an Ethical and Sustainable balanced fund, luxembourg UCITS V. It invests in listed shares and bond issued by companies, organizations and goverments, which resepect value of Ethical Finance within financial markets.
Choices are oriented through Social Responsible Investments and coherent with social responsibility to safeguard people, environment and life. The ethical pool for investments and the portfolio composition are checked quarterly, while risk ratio are calculated daily. This strategy allows to reduce risk and volatile, which is below 5%.

ISIN: LU1720014247

Lapis Global Top 50 Dividend

LAPIS GLOBAL TOP 50 DIVIDEND YIELD investment fund, invests in 50 shares of companies having a minimum required capitalization 25mld/$, and have been distributing dividend for at least 25 years. If companies announce a reduction in dividend distribution, they may be off the list. This strategy allows to reduce risk and at the same time, to get high return based on dividend stability. Reinvested dividends become an important portion of total real return, generated by Lapis fund.

ISIN: LU1394762550